My favourite Jimmy Reid anecdote

Kenneth Williams, a staunch anti-trade unionist was on Parkinson’s in the early 70’s expressing these views and Parkinson invited him back a few weeks later to debate this subject with Reid. Before the show recording began though, each guest was asked to test the sound levels on the boom microphone. Williams, in an attempt to intimidate Reid, stood up and bellowed a poem into it. Before sitting down, Williams turned to Reid and said “you know who wrote that? Keats”. Reid then stood up and bellowed an equally erudite poem into the mic, then turned to Williams and said, “you know who wrote that? Me”

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Facebook photo albums

Here’s easy links to all the family albums I’ve put up so far


Ancient Calvert Family Album (family photos from Victorian era up to 1929)



1950s part 1(family)
1950s part 2(family)
1950s (Dad’s German National Service and Cyprus stay)

1960s part 1
1960s part 2
1960s part 3
1960s part 4
1960s Part 5

1970s part 1
1970s part 2
1970s part 3
1970s part 4
1970s part 5

1980s part 1
1980s part 2
1980s part 3
1980s part 4
1980s part 5
1980s part 6


Robert Norman Calvert (my Grandfather)

Spearman family album 1
Spearman family album 2

Who are they? (unidentified pictures, can you help?)

Old negatives reprinted 1
Old negatives reprinted 2
Old negatives reprinted 3

Lost family photos

Tickets and Badges


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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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